CYM Statement on Imperialist threats to ‘intervene’ in Syria, Aug 2013

The Connolly Youth Movement is extremely concerned about the imperialist threats to ‘intervene’ in Syria. The CYM calls for the UN weapons inspectors to be given time to verify the origins of the recent chemical attack. While it is possible the attack was carried out by forces loyal to the Assad regime, it is also very possible the attack was carried out by the insurgents for the purpose of drawing in NATO military intervention.

While the imperialists and their lapdogs in the media seem sure that the Assad regime carried out this atrocity, we must remember they have a track record of spreading lies to justify American and NATO aggression. They lied about WMDs in Iraq and lied about the situation in Libya.

Likewise, the insurgents in Syria are not trustworthy. Many of them are international jihadists loyal to Al Qaeda. These insurgents are funded by brutal theocracies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These insurgents should go back to wherever they came from.

We also call for peace talks in Syria to commence and for national reconciliation to begin. More imperialist intervention in Syria will only escalate the conflict and lead to the deaths of more innocent civilians.


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