The Publication

Forward is the publication of the Connolly Youth Movement (CYM).  The CYM is an Irish socialist youth group influenced and supportive of the Communist Party of Ireland.  Forward provides opinions, debates, reflections and informative pieces written by members on current affairs, socialism and the activities of the organisation.

This blog is being launched to provide a new outlet for the organisation and it’s members through a medium that provides greater interaction and participation, greater immediacy in content and greater regularity.

Current issue: Issue 14

Current issue is Spring 2009. For back issues please visit our website .If you would be interested in receiving a copy or penning an article, drop a line


One response to “The Publication

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog ‘An Unrepentant Communist’ …should the CYM wish me to contribute in any way to its work then I can be contacted at
    All the best for 2009, hold on tight its going to be very rough. ‘Gabriel’

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