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CYM Solidarity with Cuban 5, Sep 2013


The Connolly Youth Movement calls for an immediate release of Cuban heroes: Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Rene González Sehwerert, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez and Fernando González Llort. Five men are held as political prisoners by the US, after unfair trial convicted and sentenced to four life terms and one 75 years. Cuban 5 were gathering information on violent Miami exile gangs, who planned terrorist attacks on Cuban soil.
CYM expresses the full solidarity with Cuban patriots and demands the review of the case and immediate release of Cuban 5.
Photo: Vigil for Cuban 5, The Spire, Dublin (Sep. 12, 2013)


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40th Anniversary of Fascist Coup in Chile, Sep 2013

On 11 September 2013 was the fortieth anniversary of the fascist coup in Chile, when the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende was overthrown in a coup that was planned, organized and directed from Washington.
The fascist coup resulted in more than 3,000 dead, 30,000 tortured, tens of thousands held in concentration camps, thousands driven into exile around the world, and political parties and trade unions banned.
Chile became an experimental ground for neo-liberal economic polices imposed by the “Chicago Boys,” led by Milton Friedman—economic polices that have subsequently been imposed throughout Latin America. The same policies are now being imposed on the Irish people to make them pay a debt that does not belong to them.
As the drums of war beat louder for an attack on Syria that could engulf the whole of the Middle East, we need to remember the past in order to understand the present. American presidents have declared war on terrorism, but they actively support Islamic terrorists who are driven by a medieval world view. The faces of American presidents may change, and even their colour, but the policies remain the same.
Note: Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State under Richard Nixon at the time of the Chilean coup, stated: “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.” (Three months later Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.)

CPI Press Statement. Photo: Picket at US Embassy, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

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WFDY Hands Off Syria! Sep 2013


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CYM Statement on Imperialist threats to ‘intervene’ in Syria, Aug 2013

The Connolly Youth Movement is extremely concerned about the imperialist threats to ‘intervene’ in Syria. The CYM calls for the UN weapons inspectors to be given time to verify the origins of the recent chemical attack. While it is possible the attack was carried out by forces loyal to the Assad regime, it is also very possible the attack was carried out by the insurgents for the purpose of drawing in NATO military intervention.

While the imperialists and their lapdogs in the media seem sure that the Assad regime carried out this atrocity, we must remember they have a track record of spreading lies to justify American and NATO aggression. They lied about WMDs in Iraq and lied about the situation in Libya.

Likewise, the insurgents in Syria are not trustworthy. Many of them are international jihadists loyal to Al Qaeda. These insurgents are funded by brutal theocracies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These insurgents should go back to wherever they came from.

We also call for peace talks in Syria to commence and for national reconciliation to begin. More imperialist intervention in Syria will only escalate the conflict and lead to the deaths of more innocent civilians.

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Flyer for CYM table quiz, Aug 2013


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The Arrests, Why Now?

The Arrests, Why Now?
CYM Statement:

When people woke up on Monday morning to the news that 4 people had been arrested – AAA/SP TD Paul Murphy, AAA Cllr Kieran Mahon, AAA Cllr Mick Murphy and the now airbrushed Scott Masterson of Éirigí, there was an initial state of bemusement. Since then more arrests have taken place and more will come in for questioning over the alleged ‘imprisonment’ of Joan Bruton. These events are without a doubt hugely politically motivated.

The question that people need to be asking is why now? The CYM recognise and agree that this has the hallmarks of a maneuver to discredit the R2W and anti-water charges protesters. Tensions will begin to mount among those families, residents and protest groups of the detainees, while the wider movement will rightly condemn these arrests.

It is quite clear that the government’s tactics of trying to appease the public by making changes to the Irish water package have failed, with wide-scale refusal to sign up to Irish water now a reality. These arrests in this context are clearly then a new tactic to try and raise tensions, with the possibility of violence breaking out among the water protesters. These arrests therefore are a new attempt at trying to draw out anti-social behaviors so as to be able to generate headlines, in order to demonise the R2W and anti-water charges movement.

However there is another element to the arrests which the CYM believe has to be raised – the next general election. It is quite clear that the arrests were a very well thought out and orchestrated political stunt, devised by the government, carried out by the Gardai and played out in the media, with the immediate goal of trying to discredit the water campaign among those that are sitting on the fence about it.

CYM pose the question, in whose interests then do these arrests serve? Who is to gain and who will lose? The one thing that is for certain is that Paul Murphy and the Anti Austerity Alliance/Socialist Party have just been gifted a national platform and could not have asked for much more, as their public profile will have skyrocketed from all the media attention.

People may believe that this was a stupid and strange move by the government but actually when you look at who is likely to be hurt the most by a rise in AAA/SP support you have to conclude that it will be Sinn Féin. This episode has been a political exercise in vote splitting in the anti-water charges camp, which in turn will weaken the overall chance for a Sinn Féin led government at the next general election.

There can be no questioning that the Irish state is looking both at the immediate water mobilisation and at the next general election. In both cases they are looking to divide and conquer. In both cases they see a very real threat to their party votes and in terms of the international context they have every reason to fear a mobilisation of people away from the Troika parties.

On this basis the CYM urge those that are engaged and work with R2W, not be tempted to fall into their trap. We urge that R2W protests remain peaceful and that those that try to instigate violence be condemned. Discipline and solidarity is needed by all groups within R2W at this time. The propaganda war will be in full swing and it wont take much to create sensationalist headlines that will look to isolate the protesters from the general public.

The CYM would have hoped that AAA/SP would have extended their solidarity to Éirigí member Scott Masterson, but it seems that by omitting him in their official statements they are taking a narrow party line to advance their position politically. It seems the seeds of division have sprouted stems.

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